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About Ultra High Pressure/Low Volume waterjet

  • Derivative of core technology from Flow International Corporation, originators and global patent holders of UHP.
  • Underlying premise is to convert ultra-high water pressure (>40,000 psi) into ultra high velocity (> Mach 2) for the purpose of cleaning or preparing a given surface.
  • UHP/LV uses approximately 90% less water than HP alternatives, with at least the same surface result.
  • Reduced volumes mean significantly lower mass, so physics of high velocity (as opposed to high volume) becomes extremely important.
  • High precision milling/cavitation action (vs water stream erosion) = minimal residual surface damage.
  • Much lower back thrust reaction so pumps and equipment can be more compact, more lightweight, more portable, and more easily automated.
  • Low volume equates to minimal material waste recovery processing requirements.
  • Environmentally friendly—no chemicals, less waste.

Our current high priority project: Effluent management system

Nuevo Technology offers solutions to address the problems of wastewater volume and wastewater contamination from yard washdown in dairy, hog and poultry farming. In North America, New Zealand and elsewhere, farm managers are looking for solutions that work, as environmental pressures are growing, compliance mandates are looming, water restrictions are being put into place and penalties are becoming more severe.

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