Effluent system for dairy, hog and poultry farming

Every day, the average dairy farm in New Zealand creates 5,000 gallons of contaminated wastewater from washing down their yards. There are 12,000 dairy farms in NZ; 130,000 dairy farms in the U.S. Nuevo’s UHP/LV-based yard clean and recovery system, YARDJet, is designed to fundamentally address the turbid wastewater volume problem and provide an effective effluent management system.

UHP/LV stands for Ultra High Pressure/Low Volume waterjet. In effect, UHP/LV replaces volume with velocity. The YARDJet system is gate-mounted and can be configured for rectangular or circular pads.

Effluent system for dairy, hog and poultry farming

The smart recovery shroud automatically traces the yard area and turbo-washes the pad by spraying water through finely-tuned nozzles at supersonic speeds. Any recovered materials are intercepted and separated into solid and liquid form. The result is automated, meticulous yard-clean with 100% effluent recovery and water volume reductions of around 90%. PURAwaters purification and recycling system continuously cleans water to discharge standard. The system is fully scalable and optimized to meet customer needs. Additionally, the dairy effluent treatment system contains on-board compliance monitoring.

Surface rejection coatings provide astonishing results

Specialized paints and coatings offer effective solutions for a wide variety of industrial and municipal applications, including bitumen rejection and anti-graffiti coatings. Nuevo Technology’s coating also rejects adhesives and paint which provides a huge potential problem solver for industry.

Nuevo Technology’s surface rejection coatings

Pavement preservation vehicle

Nuevo Technology | Pavement preservation vehicle

Our pavement preservation vehicle specifically addresses flushing in chip seal-based bitumen aggregates. It is configurable for other tasks, e.g. stripe removal, rubber removal, spill clean-up, cracking, potholes, and bitumen flushing surface treatment. It provides a high degree of automation including intelligent sensors and data capture, and an on-board recovery and waste removal system. This multi-purpose vehicle treats even very hot bitumen/asphalt without surface damage and, with its small footprint, is ideal for use in compact urban/airport areas. 

Aircraft surface preparation

UHP/LV waterjet velocities are supersonic and can remove paint from a jet aircraft’s surface without solvents or damage to the jet. The process can be easily automated. Over 200 aircraft have been treated in NZ with our UHP/LV process, providing excellent results. Opportunity exists through DTA for military/manufacturer-level certification.

Nuevo Technology | Aircraft surface preparation


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