Nuevo Technology | Subsidiary of Houston-based Noel Group

Nuevo Technology Ltd. is a clean-tech R&D company based in Wellington, New Zealand and a wholly owned subsidiary of Noel Group, Inc. in Houston, Texas. Nuevo Technology specializes in development of UHP/LV waterjet, surface materials coatings (such as bitumen rejection and graffiti resistant paint) and water purification and recycling wastewater systems.

Brief overview

•    Specialist in R&D engineering, clean tech focus
•    Conceptual design to proof of concept (“active prototypes”)
•    Problem solvers for industry needs
•    Knowledge bank/IP generators
•    20 years’ experience with Ultra High Pressure/Low Volume (UHP/LV) waterjet
•    Green fields opportunities, global reach
•    Fully equipped light engineering workshop

Key relationships Nuevo Technology has established

•    Callaghan Innovation (NZ)
•    EverEdgeIP (NZ)
•    Resene Paints (NZ)
•    Waikato Milking Systems (NZ)
•    Waterjet Technology Association (USA)
•    National Center for Pavement Preservation (USA)
•    Southwest Research Institute (USA)
•    Flow International Corp (USA)

Nuevo Technology | Subsidiary of Houston-based Noel Group


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